Presented since 2017 with growing success, Sweet Sorrow, A Zombie Ballet was created by Leigh Purtill for those who have a vivid imagination, a dark romantic soul and an intense desire to experience the underworld. It was inspired by a novel Leigh wrote as a sequel to Shakespeare's classic Romeo & Juliet.

Beginning with the funeral of the star-crossed lovers, young Rosaline, distraught and refusing to accept the death of Romeo and her cousin Juliet, follows a strange but enticing woman into the cemetery where she is chased by a horde of zombies into the Underworld. There she encounters Vampires, Spiders, Gargoyles...and Romeo and Juliet! In order to escape and return home, Rosaline must win over the mighty Raven Queen and her flock and do battle against the evils of the Underworld.

‘Sweet Sorrow’ is hypnotic and captivating. The kind of scary that I love. I was smiling the whole time.

- Fred Armisen

Dancers dressed as zombies reaching towards a dancer holding a green bottle


It’s the year 1885 and The Circus of Worldly Wonders is coming to town by steam engine. Mechanical swans, mesmerizing mermaids, hypnotic magicians and daring tightrope walkers will capture the hearts of all who are curious - and brave! - enough to attend.


This circus mechanique has something for everyone: from the sophisticated society crowd to the rascally rogues. Absolutely everyone will be there and you won’t want to miss it!

On June 13, 2021 the company presented a virtual 40-minute preview of this original full-length ballet debuting in 2022. The one-night only fundraising event included a LIVE performance in addition to pre-recorded original work featuring company members from across the country and around the world. More than 200 guests attended the 2021 Circus of Worldly Wonders preview.


hotel at the end of the universe

Performed for the first time in June 2019, Hotel at the End of the Universe is an original ballet about a time-traveling hotel and the guests who visit it.


Maybe you received a fancy invitation in the mail. Maybe it was slipped under your door in the middle of the night. Maybe it just...appeared, like the hotel. Where did that come from? The hotel, like the universe, is in constant motion. It travels to the Roaring 20s, to the sultry Jazz Age, to an Ancient Civilization, to the Mod 60s and more. The hotel knows what each guest needs even if they don't. It knows what will make them jump for joy, what will fill their hearts with love, what will make them brave and proud and happy. It knows their stories.

Dancers dressed in 1920s flapper costume