Hotel at the end of the universe

Grab your portal key for a joyride to the HOTEL AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE! Originally performed in 2019, this original 2-act ballet is about a life-altering journey to a one-of-a-kind time-traveling hotel balanced at the edge of the Universe!


As a guest of this unique hotel, you'll join three spunky bellhops on a wild joyride through time and space. Hopscotching across the Universe, you will visit Chicago in the 20s, Paris in the 40s, Renaissance Italy and so much more. The vast Universe has surprises in store for the Hotel - and for the bellhops! Flung far into the future and facing an alien attack, they'll need to look deep within themselves to find a way out. Can they do it on their own? Whether you’re a fan of dance or science fiction – visit this time- traveling hotel now or soon it will be gone!

Live @ Madrid Theatre

Streaming Online

A female dancer leaning on the shoulder of a male dancer


Sweet Sorrow, a zombie ballet
fall 2022

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