‘Sweet Sorrow’ is hypnotic and captivating. The kind of scary that I love. I was smiling the whole time. 

- Fred Armisen

Presented by the Leigh Purtill Ballet Company since 2017,  Sweet Sorrow ®, A Zombie Ballet will grace the stage one more time before returning to the crypt. Don’t miss your chance to see this Halloween classic!

This original sequel to Shakespeare's classic "Romeo & Juliet" was created by Artistic Director, Leigh Purtill, for those who have a dark romantic soul and an intense desire to experience the underworld.

The story resumes with the funeral of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.  A mysterious and powerful apothecary awakens and lures them into her underworld as they shed their living bodies. You’ll follow Juliet’s cousin, Rosaline, who encounters zombies, lost souls, spiders, werewolves, a mighty Raven Queen and more in her lonely search for Juliet in the underworld.  Will Rosaline return to the living or will the underworld be her final resting place? 

Sweet Sorrow®, A Zombie Ballet,  will be presented at the Lanterman Auditorium in La Canada, CA on Saturday, October 8 @ 7PM and Sunday, October 9 @ 4PM. In-person dancers will be accompanied by video performances from our remote dancers around the country.

You can also creep into your Halloween weekend with the cinematic recording of this iconic ballet that will be available on Friday, October 28th, 5:00pm PT.

sweet sorrow 2018 lobby poster.jpg

On Stage @ The Lanterman Auditorium

Contact us at lpbcfinance@gmail.com

Cinematic Stream

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