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join the 2021 leigh purtill ballet company

"It's my goal to make ballet as inclusive as possible, and that means putting dancers on stage who don't fit the outdated mold of the perfect ballerina, dancers who don't all look alike, sound alike or move alike.”


-Leigh Purtill

What is the LPBC Intention? How does it differ from a traditional company Audition?

The LPBC Intention for the company’s 2021 season will take place virtually. This season’s Intention gives dancers the opportunity to express a desire to join our company by showing us how they might be a contributing member of the company through dance and/or volunteerism.

Our company is a community of adult dancers who want to contribute to a supportive environment with  members who share a passion for dance, performance and inclusivity. A dancer who wants to join LPBC should be familiar with the company's mission and its goals. By submitting interest in our Intention, you are telling us you’re committed and that you too believe in the company’s philosophy of Ballet for Everyone.

Who Can Join?

The LPBC Company Intention is open to all levels, genders, races and sexual orientation. Because we are a company of adult dancers, you do need to be 18 years of age or older to join. Members can join from anywhere.

Where is LPBC based?

Our company is based in Los Angeles County as well as virtually-based. Which means you do not have to be a local dancer to join.

  • If you are a local dancer you could potentially perform with us.

  • If you are not a local dancer, you can join as a remote member.

How To Join:

Please submit a short video of yourself to Leigh Purtill Ballet Company of you addressing camera and expressing your interest in the company AND a sample of you doing movement:

  • Demonstrating you taking a class through Leigh Purtill’s YouTube class (Fridays at 11AM PST).


  • Your own choreography (preferably something that will show us your classical ballet skills).

NOTE: These submissions will be viewed only by Leigh Purtill as a way to assess skill level and readiness.

What We Ask of Our Company Members:

  • Attend company meetings. These meetings are held virtually every quarter.

  • Keep up with consistent technique building. We assume you want to be in a ballet company because you love ballet! Technique class is critical for personal improvement as well as team-building. Members should have basic ballet technical knowledge. Coming to class regularly is the best chance for Leigh to help nurture your skills and since we do not hold casting auditions, discover what role is right for you.

  • Participate in our performances. In 2021 there will be opportunities to do either live or virtual performances. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will have to assess our ability to perform live as the year progresses. Generally, performances would consist of a major fundraiser with a short selection of pieces and in the fall, our full-length signature repertory show, Sweet Sorrow, A Zombie Ballet. Participation can take the form of performance, backstage support, set-building, etc.

  • Be able to rehearse remotely. Members, especially those who are not local, should be able to join rehearsals remotely.

  • Participate in fundraisers and outreach events. There are a number of fundraising and outreach opportunities with LPBC. Some of these include camp workshops, virtual collaborations, convention appearances, school visits and so on. There are also planning committees that you can join!

  • Be on time and exercise courtesy and respect to all. Know your rehearsal schedule and be on time. If you have a conflict, tell Leigh about it as soon as possible. Missing/skipping rehearsals impacts everyone in the company and can result in dismissal.

Can I be a non-performer of the LPBC?

Yes! You can join LPBC and support the company through volunteering with outreach efforts such as promoting our company’s mission and community via social media platforms.

Please complete the application by January 31, 2021! We look forward to hearing from you!

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